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Why Multilinguist- Quality Policy

Functional & Linguistic Quality Assurance (QA)
Once Multilinguist has translated all of the translated text and graphics files, in-house QA engineers and linguists review the localized content in context to ensure its accuracy and integrity. We conduct linguistic QA testing to ensure that:

Translated text is contextually correct
Dynamically generated text makes sense in the target language
Truncations due to field size limitations or other causes are discovered
Applications/scripts that do special manipulation of the text run correctly on the translated text
In our final linguistic QA, Multilinguist consulting experts check to ensure the contextual appropriateness of the text once the full content is integrated. In web sites with a database back-end, web applications containing a user interface, or any dynamically generated web page, this is the only time that testers can see the content in a similar manner to the user's experience. Multilinguist often works with regional representatives on the client side to review the translated material, in context, before finalizing the projects.

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