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Steps for making PDF files using "HP Color LaserJet 5/5MPS" printer driver:
(Advantage of using this driver - we can make PDFs of page size up to A3, easily. Resolution of the PDF files obtained from this driver - 300dpi)
Once the above mentioned printer driver, or any other PS printer driver has been installed, please open the document of which the PDF is required to be created.
Go to Print, select this particular PS driver, and select the page size requirement as per the document, and don't forget to click on "Print to File", unless while installing the printer driver you already selected the Printer Port as "Print to File".
Now select the folder where you want to save this PS file by selecting the destination at the top in front of "Save In", give the relevant filename, and click on Okay.
You can see the PS file in the relevant folder.
Click on Adobe Acrobat Distiller from the Program menu.
Once it pops up and gets ready, please click on the Settings tab and go to Job Options. Click on the Fonts tab and select all the fonts to be embedded (infact select all the fonts to save the effort of choosing them, as only the relevant ones will be embedded). This creates a customized profile, and you can save it giving any relevant name. Click on Save As and then click on Okay, and come back to Distiller.
Now in the Distiller Window, select this particular profile by choosing the particular name that you saved.
Steps 6 and 7 are once and for all i.e. permanent once the setting is done, unless you want to change it.
Now, in the Distiller, click on File> click on Open> go to the destination where you saved the PS file(s). You will see all other files except the PS files. Don't get confused.
At the bottom of this window, where it is mentioned "Files of Type", select "All Files" and the PS file(s) will become visible.
Just double click on the relevant PS file and select the folder where you want to save the PDF, and click Save. The PDF gets ready and saved in the chosen folder. file.
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