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EPS Outlining Process:
1) FROM ANY APPLICATION: Open the file in the respective application> Click on Print > Prepare the PS file by selecting the installed PS Printer Driver (you need to be very careful in choosing the PS driver, as all PS drivers dont give the required result) > Once the PS file is ready, open Corel Draw (open a blank page)> Import the PS file into Corel> Export the file as an EPS file (choose the option "Export as Curves")> The EPS outlined file is ready
If there are multiple pages i.e. more than one page, you will get equal number of pages in the Corel file, and each page has to be exported individually.
P.S.: While preparing the PS file you need to be careful that you prepare a colored PS file if there are any graphics in the source file, otherwise a B&W output will be obtained, which may be undesirable.
2) FROM QUARK EXPRESS: Open the Quark document under consideration > Click on "File", > Click on "Save Page as EPS" > In the window that pops up, pls click on the option if you want to make a transparent EPS. You also need to choose "Spread" if the page size is unusual (it is always better to tick "Spread") > Click on Save > the EPS file is ready, but it is without the outlining > Open the EPS file, and hit the shortcut key "Ctrl+Shift+O" and save the file as .eps file to obtained outlined EPS file.
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