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Dari is one language which is gradually gaining its importance in the global market thus giving rise to an increasing demand for qualified and trained translators and interpreters from Dari-English and English-Dari. Hence, Multilinguist aims to be your global voice by providing a very superior quality of Dari-English and English-Dari translation and interpretation service covering a multiple spectrum of subjects. Having the necessary expertise and proficiency required, we offer you the top-most standard of translation possible between Dari and English perfect in tone, style and grammar .

We understand that different fields require different sets of skills and levels of understanding. And so we are familiar with the syntax and styles required in different fields, and know the industry-specific terminology used both in English as well as in Dari. Our team of extremely knowledgeable, professional translators and interpreters always ensure that translations are accurate, smooth, and pertaining to the globally accepted standard. However, the areas in which we concentrate are:

General Documents
Legal Documents
Marketing Material
Website localization/globalization
Financial Reports
Brochures & Catalogs
Training Materials
Clinical reports and studies
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The techno-savvy age of World Wide Web has revolutionized the concept of communication and information exchange. It has provided a global platform to all scales of businesses to reach out to the potential customers at every nook and corner of the world. So, can you afford to lag behind? Go ahead and globally localize your business with an affordable yet exceptional quality of Dari-English and English-Dari translation service from Multilinguist.

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