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  English to African Languages, African Languages to English
Multilinguist aims to provide a highly recommendable translation and interpretation service in most of the African languages covering a wide spectrum of subjects. Our network of highly professional African Languages-English and English-African Languages translators and interpretors extend throughout the world, for us to offer you the very best translations possible keeping in mind the flavor of the language and content. We have widespread experience in a vast range of areas, from general translation to legal translation, and from copy-writing in English or African Languages to localization of websites. However, a list of the African languages we cover is given below:
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Afrikaans Translation
Amharic Translation
Bushman Translation
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Dinka Translation
Hausa Translation
Igbo Translation
Kikuyu Translation
Malagasy Translation
Masai Translation
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Oromo Translation
Pedi Translation
Shangane Translation
Shona Translation
Siswati/Swazi Translation
Somali Translation
Sotho/Sepedi Translation
Swahili Translation
Tshivenda Translation
Tswana Translation
Twi Translation
Venda Translation
Xhosa Translation
Xitsonga Translation
Yoruba Translation
Zulu Translation
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